Itvanya2014-09-28 22:35:07
Itvanya, 2014-09-28 22:35:07

2d games in JavaScript and 2d games for iOS - is there a big difference?

Guys, hello everyone. I am engaged in front-end'om, I write small browser-based 2d games. There was an idea to draw my own 2d game for iOS (I started to master the 'basics' of Swift, I decided to immediately score on obj-c). I wanted to ask those who know if there is a big difference between writing a 2d game for a browser on JS and for iOS devices on swift? Thanks in advance :)

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Sergey Lerg, 2014-09-28

Swift is easy to learn, but you can look for cross-platform solutions in JS.
With the arrival of the new WebView in iOS 8, things have improved a lot.

Alexander Taratin, 2014-09-29

Look towards
haxe.org + www.openfl.org compiles to native for the desired platform

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