DenBurak2017-05-14 23:44:23
Game development
DenBurak, 2017-05-14 23:44:23

2D Game like Mario how and on what can you create?

I've been thinking about creating a game for a long time, but there was no time) I'm thinking about creating a game based on Mario soon, I have an idea of ​​my own, but I don't have a foundation, I need help, here's what:
1. With what tools, engines or other things is it better to create this type of game.
2. Do I need to learn some languages, which ones?
3. A program or some kind of tools for graphics. (it's better to be free)
Maybe I missed something, tell me, it's interesting to try it out at 17 in games-developer)
Thank you my brother)

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xmoonlight, 2017-05-15

This type of game is called platformer .
1. English.
2. Javascript
3. Crafty.js
DEMO preparation for understanding from the documentation.

BFG1992, 2017-05-18

If in programming there is only basic knowledge of the type "somehow a cycle is written something like this", then I highly recommend Stencyl ( www.stencyl.com ). It was just created for 2D games, there is a convenient tile editor, a built-in Box2D physics engine, and all logic can be written on the Scratch variant - this is a programming language where programs are made up of pieces like puzzles, very easy and simple.
The only drawback is that in the free version of the game you can only do it on flash and HTML5, for other platforms you need to pay. But as for a beginner - there is no better, IMHO.

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