DrNemo2012-12-22 03:04:35
DrNemo, 2012-12-22 03:04:35

2d game engine

Actually the question is whether the description of the project to create an “ideal” game engine will be interesting to the community.
What is the point:
first, an “ideal” code for writing a typical game will be developed, after bringing it to the condition, the engine itself is written for it.
Ideally, you should get a clear and simple game engine.
technologies: canvas, html5, js

based on: habrahabr.ru/post/163581/

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Monnoroch, 2012-12-22

Well, there are no perfect engines. I doubt their existence even on paper.

Pavlo Ponomarenko, 2012-12-22

The description is similar to LibCanvas . Well, you write, we read)

Vitaly Zheltyakov, 2012-12-22

Now the IT community needs a perfect animation engine on Canvas with a simple implementation of various functions.

OlegTar, 2012-12-22

Will be interesting

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