mari_greys2019-08-10 12:18:19
mari_greys, 2019-08-10 12:18:19

2D character in Unity?

There is a background like a room, and a 2d character should move along it
How to make the character move up and up in Unity, and not just along the platforms?

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Mikhail Filonenko, 2019-08-10

In order for the "character to move up and up in Unity" and in general for you personally to start somehow moving correctly in the development of games and programs in general, you need to learn how to ask questions correctly, understand the purpose of the question, give the correct input data to likely assistants (for example, Google or people in the toaster). Let me explain this question:
1. What is a character?
2. What kind of platform do you have there and in general what do you have there on the stage, it is not clear what prevents you from moving there and where the most important thing is. Do you have some kind of physics (rigidbody)?
3. Let's take screenshots of everything that can help us figure it out together: screenshots of the scene, object inspectors on this scene, which "characters" you have, as well as scripts that control movement.
ps the correct formalization and statement of a question is 50% of success.

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