Joysi2018-03-14 09:31:14
Joysi, 2018-03-14 09:31:14

2018: Can you tell me (please) resources with images divided into themes-sets?

Good afternoon.
Kits needed:
Types of European river fish, breeds of dogs.
It is clear that you can scan from the corresponding books / photo albums and process in the editor. But I want to be civilized .
You can find Soviet sets of postcards and also process them.
Are there any ready-made series of images (they are better than photos) in a single author's style for these purposes. But to be affordable (let's say ~10-30USD for non-commercial use) for a set of 100-200 images.
If I buy an e-book/album with pictures in ozon/litres, etc., do I understand correctly that I have no right to upload images from there to the site?
How do you deal with such issues if you do not have artistic skills?
Thanks in advance.

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Anastasia, 2018-03-14

look at freepik.com

Maxim Timofeev, 2018-03-14

The main thing is to ask correctly and in the right place:

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