2018-08-03 17:23:50
, 2018-08-03 17:23:50

200,000 routers were hacked in Brazil, now they are mining Monero. How much can you earn this way?

Today it became known that hundreds of thousands of routers were hacked in Brazil (about 200 thousand are known). They were broken for a reason, but for a specific purpose - to teach how to mine cryptocurrency for hackers. We are talking about Monero - an anonymous crypt, which many people know about.
So, the question is - how much can you earn? After all, a router is a very low-power computing system, even if there are 200 thousand of them. Who can name the order of numbers of such earnings?

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Semyon Novikov, 2018-08-31

due to the complexity of the network, I think this is a very, very small amount.

Chaise Longue, 2018-10-13

You can look at the same whattomine (.com), knowing the technical characteristics of the proposed router multiplied by the number of routers in your bundle

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