Paul Green2016-02-15 12:24:37
Computer networks
Paul Green, 2016-02-15 12:24:37

20-30 PC Win - Best way to administer?

In general, this:
20-30 PCs for wines 8.1, it will probably be wines 10 - very strange users climb where they want. A bunch of plotters, printers, a server for storage, network drives, etc. Company policy does not prohibit going anywhere. But always clean and go poke what and how tired.
I want to control them as much as possible without leaving my work place. I myself sit a floor above on a bubunt in a different subgrid.
I will throw access to their network.
Tell the guru, a set of software can articles on how to proceed.
Win server can be expensive but biting, although if it also had an article, the last time I used it all was in the year 2003 :(
P / S Thank you very much for the detailed answers and useful links.

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look2009, 2016-02-15

To manage all these users, it is better to put the asset in the win server 2012 directory, and set the rights for them as everyone is supposed to, and do not need to be controlled. + Kireo for monitoring traffic and controlling the Internet.

res2001, 2016-02-15

Little input. Is there an AD in the network now? If not, how do users log in to workstations (with what rights), is there a common admin for all (with one password), how is authorization on the file server going?

lelik_druzhinin, 2016-02-15

vnc to help you

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