Igor2018-05-22 19:57:48
Igor, 2018-05-22 19:57:48

2 tor nodes in conjunction with vpn?

Is it effective to use VPN1-TOR1-VPN2-TOR2 for anonymity?

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CityCat4, 2018-05-22

You still won’t eliminate the weakest link :) Because it’s you :) Even ten VPNs through ten tori will not cancel the fact that SORM will mark your entrance to the very first of them :) And then everything will depend on how strong They will want to catch you - if, of course, we are talking about confrontation with the state, because it is pointless to do such things against a wife / neighbor / employer :)

riot26, 2018-05-22

Harmful. Google "tor over tor".

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