Dmitry Popov2018-03-20 16:35:55
C++ / C#
Dmitry Popov, 2018-03-20 16:35:55

2 streams in one file?

We need to reorganize a binary file containing a matrix of numbers, leaving only rows with a "suitable" first element, using 2 streams to this file - one for reading, one for writing. How to implement it?

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Adamos, 2018-03-20

fstream file;
file.open("myfile.txt", ios::in|ios::out);

Alexander Ananiev, 2018-03-20

1. Create a stream, open the file for reading in it and read the contents into memory, close the file.
2. Create a second stream, open a file in it for writing, take the read data from memory and, in accordance with the necessary conditions, write the data to the file, then close the file.

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