xp1eo2020-05-29 13:52:50
xp1eo, 2020-05-29 13:52:50

2 sites with different availability in nginx.conf?

Good afternoon.
Please suggest how to solve the following question:

There is the following piece of nginx.conf config
include sites-enabled/*.conf;
include include/upstreams.conf;
include include/custom_params.conf;

And there are 2 sites.
The first one should be accessible only from the addresses specified in custom_params.conf
The second one should not have restrictions, but it turns out that the restrictions of the first site also apply to it.

Previously, the server hosted only the first site, so there were such rules.

Tell me, how can I configure ignoring the rules from the custom_params.conf file for the second site?

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ky0, 2020-05-29

Ignoring is implemented by removing the include. Change the structure of your configs so that the restrictions are applied at a "lower" level.

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