habrahabraman2020-09-23 16:26:18
habrahabraman, 2020-09-23 16:26:18

2 servers and smtp?

there are 2 servers
on server 1 there is a super.puper.com domain
on server 2 there is exim4
how to configure server 1 and server 2 so that you can send a letter from server 1 via smtp server 2 and specify [email protected] in the from field ? in order not to get into spam
, the help of a habraman is very necessary

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Dimonchik, 2020-09-23

smpt xs
and smtp - try freelancing if you yourself have not mastered it

Vladimir, 2020-09-23

You need to configure "server 2" as a mail relay, server 1 is just a client.
Z.Y. Even paid services do not guarantee that the letter will fall into "not spam"

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