rinaz222019-06-02 10:17:00
rinaz22, 2019-06-02 10:17:00

2 requests in turn, is this a lot for shared hosting?

Hello! Wrote a small script that sends an ajax request to the server. After receiving it, it checks and if everything is OK, then updates the image (makes a JS request .src = 'img.php'). There is also a refresh button that repeats these steps. Tell me, will these 2 requests create a load on the server, for example, if there are 100-200 users?

PS: I know almost nothing about servers, so my question may seem silly)

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Puma Thailand, 2019-06-02

They will create a load of 200-400 requests per server

GavriKos, 2019-06-02

Spherical question in vacuum.
1) What kind of server, characteristics?
2) What do queries do? More. Maybe there is PPC mining or unloading a database with a bunch of conditions.
3) Why not just load test?

Anatoly, 2019-06-02

And what prevents you from testing the load of your hosting and checking everything?
Bulk tests, for example: ab or yandextank

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