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Roc27, 2019-08-16 07:39:23

2 ranges of IP addresses on the same network. How to do it right?

Welcome all.
There is one network. In this network, some computers with IP addresses, others
All computers go into one unmanaged switch.
In order for computers to have access to each other, an ip-address from a different range was added to the network connection settings. For example, in order for a computer with the address to have access to the network, I add ip to it. It turns out that part of the computers with two addresses at the same time.
And that's actually the question of what is better to do:
1) Leave it as it is;
2) Throw each range on a separate switch and connect it to Mikrotik, each network to a separate lan and do redirects between networks in Mikrotik itself. In this option, the computers will have one address.
Is it worth it to bother with the rework of the network?
PS: so it is necessary that there are different addresses. No other way.

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Rsa97, 2019-08-16

Set the /16 mask on the computers and all addresses will be on the same network.

20ivs, 2019-08-16

still, it's better to take managed equipment and make a route from to and vice versa.
in this case yes.

Anton Ivanov, 2019-08-19

If dhcp is not required, then just add a second lan ip on microte and the desired subnet. All.

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