Alexey Andrianov2010-10-29 20:55:20
Alexey Andrianov, 2010-10-29 20:55:20

2 languages ​​in Wordpress?

Connoisseurs of Wordpress is it possible to make a site in two languages ​​on this CMS, and what is needed for this.

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capitalli, 2010-10-30

Also try this one. I came across him, it is very convenient to duplicate the material of the site in two languages.
WPML Multilingual CMS

Arkkeeper, 2010-10-29

Try the qTranslate plugin: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/qtranslate/

leviathan, 2010-10-31

I run my blog on Wordpress in three languages, I set it up for a long time based on the Language Switcher plugin . Works well, some third-party plugins are not compatible with it, but there are usually working alternatives for everything.

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