2020-05-17 03:55:49
, 2020-05-17 03:55:49

2 domains on the same IP do not work?

listen 80;
server_name WebsiteNumberOne.com Somedomain.net;
set $base /home/somesite;
root $base/html;

this is the last config i tried.
I also tried to separate them into separate configs, somedomain.net still refuses to work, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.

rebooted configs, did tracing, the domain leads to IP everything is smooth.
the server refuses to accept connections on the second domain, what's the problem?

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Vitaly Karasik, 2020-05-17

I would still double-check the DNS.
What does
wget WebsiteNumberOne.com
wget Somedomain.net give

drKox, 2020-05-18

What are the entries in localhost?

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