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rexel, 2017-03-06 13:37:48

2 different sites for one company (shop and business card). Merge into one or promote both?

The company has 2 websites, the first as a business card, the second as an online store, which is located on a subdomain like shop.mysite.ru.
Their design structure is different, but there is also the same part, such as contacts and some articles. From the business card there is a link to the online store. There are no other intersections.
Tell me how to do it better? Remove, for example, a business card site, pour all its information into the store and leave it on the main domain? Or can both be promoted? How do Yandex and Google feel about this, will they lower the positions of sites in the search results?

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Mikhail Lyalin, 2017-03-06

study where and how visitors get to the store = draw conclusions

Kirill Naumov, 2017-03-06

How big is your business card. If the goal is to sell, then it is better to focus on the store.

Sergey Emelyanov, 2017-03-06

you need to make one site, see which one is more trusted and has a higher position for your target queries.

FridayEvening, 2017-03-06

Better one site-shop on the 2nd level domain with several pages about the company.
The 2nd level domain is progressing better than the 3rd one. Well, look at the output for any request - are there many 3rd-level domains in it?

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