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2 consecutive modal windows. How to transfer data from the second one?

Good afternoon! Prompt as it is possible to gracefully implement the following:
There is a table (let's call it a directory) of users. From the list of users, you can create a new user (here is a strict requirement - the user's data is entered into the modal window and written to the database via ajax - after which the list is drawn in a new way). There are no difficulties with this.
There is another table (let's call it a document) - a list of users' wishes. In this document, you can add a new line - select a user from the list (also modal window and ajax) and fill in his wishes. There are no difficulties with this either.
The task is: in the document in the modal window for selecting a user from the directory, create a new user (the second modal window?) and after updating the list of the directory, select it in the document. Lines can already be filled in the document - but it has not yet been written to the database.
Of course, he explained everything chaotically - but if possible, tell me in which direction to dig?

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