cat_crash2013-05-21 15:58:33
cat_crash, 2013-05-21 15:58:33

2 authorization modules

Good day.

I need an idea how to tie 2 authorization modules with different “authentication channels” in YII

. I have such a situation that users can log in on the frontend in the ISP billing. This is now implemented and works great. But the site must have an admin panel (a separate module) in which I would like to make authorization separate and not tied to billing in any way, which is quite logical, because. billing cannot know anything about the administrator.

What will be the ideas?

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p4s8x, 2013-05-26

Look at the implementation of the Gii module
It uses authorization separate from the main application - inside the module ( own useridenity , and for CWebUser - 'stateKeyPrefix'=>'gii' , )

mosario, 2013-12-09

what about RBAC?

A3a, 2013-05-22

Create authorization components in the admin module

Appp Zooo, 2014-06-19

https://github.com/prawee/yii-user - original module without patches

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