AndroidDev20152015-12-15 00:00:53
AndroidDev2015, 2015-12-15 00:00:53

2 apps Free and paid version on Google play availability of saved data?

I'm going to make 2 applications free and paid, in google play it will be like 2 applications.
Question after switching to a paid version, will the settings, sqlite database, application files be available? The application code is identical in terms of working with these sections.

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Antony, 2015-12-15

Isn't it possible to just sell a subscription through Googleplay (there is a subscription "forever" there)?
No subscription - the application works in "demo mode", there is a subscription - it works as it should.
In general, I have seen many times that developers make two versions of the application, namely demo and paid. I do not quite understand the meaning, because the subscription was invented for this.

Egor Kazantsev, 2015-12-18

And just a subscription from google play does not roll?

Martivic, 2015-01-02

The application files are stored in /data/data/package.name/ and they are not available to third-party applications, but there is a solution:
Data from SQLIte can be obtained in any other application with the ContentProvider configured in the parent application: startandroid.ru/ru/uroki/vse-uroki -spiskom/166-uro...

Alexey Medvedev, 2015-12-15

It is unlikely, since the program creates various files in its directory, probably. Set programmatically the same paths for saving data for the first and second applications, and at the entrance check for their presence in this path and download.
I can’t say anything about SQLite, I had no experience with this database.

Noortvel, 2015-12-16

There the chip is not in the code, but in the package and the key. Google Play will not let you create two applications with the same packages. And it's easy to save saves in a separate directory and drag data from there.

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