andruxin2013-11-26 11:18:51
andruxin, 2013-11-26 11:18:51

2 applications, 2 domains. What to write in htaccess?

There will be two applications host/www/site1 and host/www/site2.
Yii will be in host/www/framework
In vhost.conf, both domains (site1.ru, site2.ru) will refer to host/www.
It is worth noting that sites are not bulky, and the number of controllers ranges from 5 to 8 and they are different ( site1/action1, site1/action2, ... site2/action10, site2/action11). Therefore, without hesitation, I plan to scatter it in htaccess over applications like this.
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RewriteRule ^action1$             /site1/index.php?r=action1[L]
RewriteRule ^action2$            /site1/index.php?r=action2[L]
RewriteRule ^action10$            /site2/index.php?r=action10[L]
RewriteRule ^action11$            /site2/index.php?r=action11[L] 

am I being overwhelmed and it's easier to write different paths in vhost.conf?
Which method is preferable and what possible pitfalls can be expected?

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Vit, 2013-11-26

Better different paths in vhosts. It is simpler, more transparent, and therefore better. No need to suffer when adding new controllers / actions and make sure htaccess is correct. Well, plus a lot of rules in htaccess negatively affect performance.

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