Rinoa2014-04-03 18:45:39
Rinoa, 2014-04-03 18:45:39

1С8.2 (rdp) server 2012 - what is the reason for the long connection?

On windows server 2012 standart, a terminal server was raised to work with 1c 8.2 (sql version). Everything worked fine until the 1c server was replaced. After the replacement on the terminal server, 1c began to run outrageously long, up to ten minutes.
Description of symptoms:
After launching 1cv8.exe, a database selection window appears almost immediately, after pressing the "1s: enterprise" button, a 1s splash immediately appears, then some time passes (up to half a minute) and a window with user selection is displayed. After entering the password, the 1s splash is again visible, which will hang for a very long time, several minutes, and only then will it change to the "complex automation" splash, which will hang for some more time, just a few minutes. Then 1s will start.
The problem is observed only on this terminal server and one client with win 8.1.
On the clients, neither the configuration nor the installed set of programs was changed, in a word, they were not touched. And if in the case of the client 8.1 this is not known for certain, then the server 2012 definitely did not change. Changed, as I wrote above, only the 1s server itself. However, after the replacement, he was left with the ip address of the previous server.

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Rinoa, 2014-04-04

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted rss=disabled
and everything took off.

Pavel Vasterov, 2014-04-04

And on clients with XP (if any), everything loads faster?
There was such a problem, also with complex automation (ZUP ran normally!), At first I tried to find a solution to the problem (reinstalling the 1C server, upgrading the version, etc.), but the 1c server was inherited with a lot of sores (hardware everything was ideal) and decided to reinstall the operating system - everything went off without a hitch.
"Changed, as I wrote above, only the 1s server itself." - they did something wrong :-(
"after pressing the "1s: enterprise" button, a splash of 1s immediately appears, then some time passes (up to half a minute) and a window with the user's choice is displayed" - most likely looking for a key, if the key is not software, configure the client and hasp server via nethasp.ini and nhsrv.ini

Rinoa, 2014-04-04

Yes, customers with XP do not have any problems at all.

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