ssrdop2017-08-21 23:22:10
ssrdop, 2017-08-21 23:22:10

1s trade management can not be downloaded?

I wanted to try (for the future) to write an integration of 1c trade management and a site in the commerce ML 2 format. After downloading the demo version of 1c enterprise, I could not find the "trade management" configuration on the Internet.
Can't download it or am I just bad looking?
If you can not download, then how to write the integration? Buy?

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awdemme, 2017-08-21

Demo version?
Does this already exist?
Let the customer grant you access. Or just create this file and give it to you for parsing.
Moreover, without more or less real data, there is no benefit from the configuration.
So there are broken ones. And they are easy to find.
But this is illegal and out of scope of the resource.

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