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Yarosh841, 2016-07-13 13:25:18

1s speed of work of clients at sql base?

At my enterprise, accounting is maintained by a third-party organization in terms of 1C.
And in order to speed up the work, they installed a terminal server on win 7 via Viterminal on the chief accountant's PC.
They explained that over the 1C network it would work very slowly.
I am far from 1C, but I have met organizations working with a 1C database over the network.
And as I understand it, in my case, programmers simply do not use SQL.
When the database is running on SQL, can my bukhs work without brakes? There are only 5 people working in the database all the time.
And is it possible to put sql on a virtual machine and how many resources are needed for it?

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Artem @Jump, 2016-07-13

When the database is running on SQL, can my bukhs work without brakes?
What kind of brakes are you talking about?
In general, SQL is slower than the file version.
There are only 5 people working in the database all the time.
If we are talking about accounting, then I think there is not much point in switching to SQL. But in general it is necessary to look whether there are problems with locks.
And is it possible to put sql on a virtual machine and how many resources are needed for it?
Perhaps if you have no problems with iron resources. The amount of resources needed is determined by the size of the base, and the number of workers. I honestly do not understand why you need virtualization.
In general, switching to SQL is expensive - you will have to buy a server, a license for the server OS, a license for SQL, and a license for the 1c server.
Although if you put on Linux and put PostgreSQL instead of MS SQL, you can save a hundred thousand. But there are problems there.
If you want it to work quickly, stay on the file server, buy an inexpensive file server for it, make sure that the network is gigabit, the base is on an SSD, and for all accountants, buy an SSD for the system disk.
It costs a penny, and the result will be clear.
Or buy a terminal server, which is already more expensive.

Andrey Shishkin, 2016-07-13

С пятью пользователями и файловая база не будет лагать. Вас разводят на бапки.
Переход на sql базу рекомендуется если число пользователей переваливает за 10. Да и за терминальный доступ вам тоже придется раскошелиться. Они вам небось еще и MSSQL впарили ?
По поводу виртуалки. Боттлнеком тут является не вычислительная способность машини (в разумных пределах конечно, естесственно, что старый целерон с гигом оперативы будет тормозить), а пропускная способность вашей сети. Но опять же, терминальный сервер и sql не спасут вас от этого. Более того, sql сложнее сопровождать, что опять же ведет к удорожанию услуг. Вас не первый бит, ли обслуживает ? ))

CityCat4, 2016-07-13

При работе базы на SQL смогут мои бухи работать без тормозов?
Может быть. Но сразу пишите в пассив:
- Покупка сервера (компьютера, где все это будет работать)
- Покупка серверной версии винды
- Покупка MS SQL
- Покупка серверной версии 1С
(вроде ничего не забыл)
Еще трах-тибидох с переносом даных. Да, АртемЪ сказал, что можно линух. Но я такой конфиг не пробовал и возможно там будут свои проблемы.

Yarosh841, 2016-07-13
@Yarosh841 Автор вопроса

Суть в том что сейчас все работает нормально с незначительными притормаживаниями.
Но бухи говорят о переходе с 8.2 на 8.3 и в тестовой базе все работает. Но после ереноса размер сильно увеличится и как говорят прогеры из 1с будет лагать. Они предложили поставить новые компы, добавить память.
Но толку им компы менять если они на терминале работают. Вот я и думаю как все сделать чтобы работало нормально. 1С ники немного странные, сами незнают сколько и чего надо для нормальной работы.

Андрей, 2016-07-19

New computers, storage.....
It is necessary to buy the normal server, to put under sql.
So it is more reliable and more convenient to maintain.
But that the base would lie on the user's machine, this is nonsense, you can’t even dream of such a thing even in a nightmare.
Though all depends on tasks which are required from a DB.

mrMidas, 2016-08-01

The brakes when working with the 1C file base are associated not so much with 1C as with Windows. The matter is that the server caches reading only at single-user connection to base. Login of the second user on the network automatically disables caching at the file system level. In typical I/O work, this is hardly noticeable. Problems start when running heavy reports, especially since they are often not optimized. The most rational solution in the event of brakes is to raise the terminal server. Whether it will be a dedicated server or the chief accountant will work on it is secondary and not essential (this is more a question for the organization of internal security). Again, from the point of view of organizing information security, a dedicated terminal server is preferable. Moreover, on the terminal server it is worth raising and "
Since there is no information about the database itself, in general, for 5 users of the accounting department of a small and medium-sized enterprise, a terminal server with a file database is more than enough. For such bases, judging by the typical volume and profile of work, their timely and correct maintenance is no less important. And sometimes it even more significantly affects the responsiveness of the system than hardware optimization.

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