Vladislav Zhukov2018-11-29 22:19:49
Vladislav Zhukov, 2018-11-29 22:19:49

1s server on Linux. Error sharing file '/tmp/v8_*'?

How to win? The error occurs when exchanging with the site for 1s-bitrix (online store)
"{CommonModule.B_ExchangeSiteServer.Module(1516)}: Error when calling the constructor (ReadingText)
ReadingText = New ReadingText(ResponseFileName, lEncoding);
due to:
Sharing error to the file '/tmp/v8_arbitrary filename'
Server 1c Centos6.9, platform 8.3 ( there is a sticky bit on /tmp, we tried it without it, the result is the same.
We tried to change tmpdir for user usr1cv8 to another one, it doesn't help.
I noticed that after the error occurred, the file in the /tmp directory is no longer there.

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mikes, 2018-11-30

Don't suggest switching to postgress?

Dwarrior, 2018-12-11

There is no case near the second base (test) with a working exchange?

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