alta772016-07-10 22:51:08
Data synchronization
alta77, 2016-07-10 22:51:08

1s how to set up?

I don't understand at all.
I need to set up synchronization of the online store with 1s.
1c I downloaded and installed (pirated for now, for tests). What needs to be done next?
1) launch
2) create a new IB
3) which IB to choose? If I need synchronization with IM, then "on the server" Yu
4) If on the server, then I need to buy a license, right?
5) And if I select "On this computer", will everything be synchronized normally?
Description of the plugin for wp with which I want to set up synchronization here
Thanks in advance for the answers.

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Dmitry Kinash, 2016-07-10

1) What you call 1C is, of course, not 1C, and not the base that you need to synchronize with your WordPress. You have downloaded some version of the technology platform. Almost 100% sure that you did not guess with the version. Most likely you can throw it away and never remember it again.
2) Your client, for whom you are setting up a bundle, has a 1C base that runs on a specific version of the platform. You need to access either the database itself to make settings in it, or get a copy of it and deploy it on a similar version of the platform at home.
3) If your client has a typical configuration, then there are already exchange settings with the Bitrix website (all synchronization plugins of various online stores are made for this Bitrix bundle, so that it would be less fooling). Usually everything is simple there - specify the path to the php script of the site for the exchange, login / password, filters for directories, etc. If your client does not have a typical configuration (or it does not have an exchange module with the site), then give this project to another - without the skills to program under 1C, you will not succeed, whatever one may say.

Konstantin, 2016-07-11

2) create a new IB

For starters, read this part in the description. We find the necessary konfa and we put.
Next, we study how it works and transfer it to our own. Or we are looking for a specialist, the best option is to contact the plugin developer.

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