Dmitry Largovich2014-09-16 10:46:26
Active Directory
Dmitry Largovich, 2014-09-16 10:46:26

1s Bitrix-AD(ldap)-does not let users in?

We've made the same mistake again. when trying to access the portal, users will see an incorrect login and password, they will not let them into the portal. At the same time: The check takes place on the portal (I attach the screen). IT specialists checked, they said that everything is fine with AD, Bitrix technical support checked and said that everything is fine on their side too .... Bottom line - everything is fine with you, users are sitting without access.
Please tell me how to make the portal forcibly re-read the AD database and pile it on top of its own?

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Maksim Zverev, 2014-09-17

I did a couple of integrations with AD, but did not step on such a rake. And what do you write in the logs, on both sides?

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