3ds2011-01-14 20:03:37
3ds, 2011-01-14 20:03:37

1C8 -> php site?

How to get the nomenclature and prices for goods from 1C8 from PHP? What format is the database in? (In general, I haven’t met with 1C yet).
Is it really possible to do this at all?

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eternals, 2011-01-14

1. Real. But it is better to upload from 1C to the site.
2. It is better not to touch the database format for a number of reasons.
3. Yes, really. For example, in 1C-Bitrix it is unloaded from "1C: Trade Management". You can use this mechanism.
4. As a stupid, but simple option: 1C can upload data in xml to a directory periodically. You can read from there.

Andrew, 2011-01-15


mobilez, 2011-01-23

It’s easier to use/hire a 1c developer who will send the necessary reports to the URL (by post or whatever you want), to FTP or wherever you need. We have dozens of links on our account, and each time either an office developer is taken, or a freelancer is hired, who sets up 1c in a couple of hours so that it uploads data to the site. At least in realtime.

wmw85, 2011-01-14

Didn't touch the base. They did it in the image and likeness of the exchange 1s with Bitrix. There is documentation for the exchange protocol (although not accurate, outdated in places). The exchange goes through 1s. xml are sent, how you parse them and what database to put them into is up to you.
There is a variant with direct requests in Baschu 1s. For the seven there was a tool that merges data from the database, paid.
Infa six months ago, if you need details or pieces of code - ask.

Evgeny Bezymyannikov, 2011-01-14

All exchanges with sites in 1C are done through CommerceXML (if you don’t reinvent the wheel) /
It’s inconvenient, there is no real time, it’s often 1C that initiates the exchange, not the site.

sladkoezhka, 2011-01-23

That's how it's done for me. not optimal, but it works stably
Uploading 1C to a text format with a tab delimiter. perl script parses and loads into MYSQL

open(F1,"< $price_txt_dir/$data{txt_name}") || mydie('Can`t open in price file - price.txt');
while (<F1>) {
 my @tmp = split("\t",$_,9);
 for (my $i=0;$i<scalar(@tmp);$i++) {
  $tmp[$i] =~ s/^\s+//g;
  $tmp[$i] =~ s/\s+$//g;

#далее уже работа с базой

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