Vladimir Kuts2020-10-20 09:07:46
Data transfer
Vladimir Kuts, 2020-10-20 09:07:46

1C. Where can I try the data exchange demo?

For the project, you need to integrate the site with 1C. Download yourself and install 1C Enterprise, then fool around with the settings and keys for the sake of getting one dump - there is no desire. Moreover, there is no budget for this, and the project is one-time.
Is there a demo version somewhere on the net where you could poke the configuration and try to get some data dumps from the demo version? Or maybe ready-made images for VmWare.
The full functionality of 1C is not of interest. Interested only in data dumps and how to get them.

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ComodoHacker, 2020-10-20

There is a demo version at https://demo.1c.ru/
Can you upload some data there, xs, try it.
But my opinion is that you need to get test data from the real system with which you plan to exchange. Otherwise, you won't do any integration.

kicherov_maxim, 2020-10-20

The free educational version is for you.

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