Denis2017-12-12 19:29:40
Denis, 2017-12-12 19:29:40

1C Transfer of goods between organizations?

Good day!
Installed 1C UNF 1.6.
In the company settings, the option "Multiple organizations" and "Multiple departments" is enabled. "Accounting for the campaign as a whole" is disabled.
There are 3 warehouses in the database. With this accounting option, it is not possible to write off goods from a "foreign warehouse" (as we understood from the description of this option).
We create a document "inventory transfer" from the first warehouse, the goods appear in the second one, but when you try to write it off, it gives out "not enough stock in the warehouse "warehouse name"". The same thing happens with "Inventory Inventory". The only way to make the implementation without errors is the "Receipt invoices" from the supplier ...
Can anyone suggest something ...?

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