kope_bryant2018-03-12 01:04:11
Data synchronization
kope_bryant, 2018-03-12 01:04:11

1C synchronization with the site - what CMS?

What CMS allows you to most effectively organize the synchronization of cloud 1C with the site? Trite orders, buyers, price \ availability of goods by article.
Now the site has an archaic Opencart (so it happened). It has a lot of all sorts of features, the design is sharpened - it’s a hunt to switch to another platform only with an eye on future development.
The question is, is it really possible to make sensible synchronization on this Opencart, or is it necessary to switch to something else?
Thank you.

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kope_bryant, 2018-03-14

Let me share some of the information I got.
So, for a small business, it is better to use opencart - on the one hand, it is moderately powerful, on the other hand, it is less costly and massive than all the others.
Regarding 1C - the exchange is implemented through a web service, so it turns out faster and more reliable than Commerc2ML or whatever it's called.
Bitrix is ​​sad and expensive.

Denis, 2018-03-12

you can also opencart .... there are enough synchronization modules .... but if you search for something and experiment, then for a start you can use the classic old-school theme when 1C uploads a csv file with the necessary data and you write a script that updates the database by krone

Konstantin Nagibovich, 2018-03-12

1C is well synchronized with its "native" CMS - Bitrix. Minimal adjustment is required on both sides for operation.

Moris Haos, 2018-03-12

Out of the box only Bitrix.
Opencart and others are real, but with minor modifications (a couple of days with a freelancer or on your own if you have skills), if characteristics in the nomenclature are not used in 1C. I have yet to come across a module that could work out of the box.
Opencart and others are real, but with BIG hemorrhoids, if characteristics in the nomenclature are used in 1C.

Petr Bukov, 2018-09-25

yes, just google neoseo exchange with 1C opencart - everything is done easily

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