Denis2017-12-18 23:48:07
Denis, 2017-12-18 23:48:07

1C Rights for the user to set prices from the receipt document?

Good day!) Worth 1C UNF version 1.6, configuration 8.3. The rights to set item prices from the receipt document (receipt invoices) are set in a strange way. The item "Pricing" is available only with administrator rights. Can you tell me where in the config it can be fixed?

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Denis, 2017-12-19

it’s not clear why it’s impossible to collect all the rights to view / read / write in one place ... in general, someone may need it in the future: documents - incoming invoice - commands - CommandPricesCreateOnBased (this is the item "Pricing" in the menu on the form "create based on ") - right-click - additionally - and here is the coveted menu, probably the 5th in a row, with RIGHTS ...

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