Artima2011-12-12 20:01:25
Artima, 2011-12-12 20:01:25

1C on your own server?


Can you please tell me what software you need to use in order for 1C (Accounting 8 basic) to work on the server via remote access (maximum 2-3 people)?

There is a server on Debian 5 (console) on which a number of sites are spinning. A number of questions arise:

1) Do I need to install a separate virtual system for 1C, or does it make sense to use the same system that serves sites?
1.1) If you need a virtual system, does it need a dedicated IP?
1.2) What is the best virtualization system to use?
2) Does 1C need working X11 and Wine to work in Debian?
3) What is the best way to set up remote access to 1C (guest systems - WinXP, Win7, Ubuntu 10.4)?
4) How to secure a remote connection?

Does anyone know how to make this work in practice?

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Gregory, 2011-12-13

At the moment, the Enterprise Accounting configuration cannot work in thin client mode. (When the application is launched on the client machine, and all operations with the database are performed on the server).
Therefore, you will need to create a virtual Windows machine, Forward port 3389 (RDP) to it and give access there from the outside. To satisfy the perfectionists, I would add that it is better to use a VPN.
I'm not exactly sure, but 1 CAL will not work on a terminal server. (There are “patches” on the Internet that wean her from greed).
1C Enterprise 8 Web-extension 1.1 you do not need.
Perhaps a recent article will help you: habrahabr.ru/blogs/linux/133880/

YourChief, 2011-12-12

put the server version for Linux and work. it is native, it requires only a DBMS for storing 1C information bases. most often it is postgres, but oracle, db2, mssql and something else are supported. connections are encrypted by means of the server itself. if virtualized, then both the web server and the 1C server are real servers running in the host domain - bad practice

int03e, 2011-12-12

On the third question, the web interface works well already, even on iPads. Otherwise, I didn’t install the server on nix - unfortunately I won’t tell you. Try it, there should be 100500 threads on this topic in Google!

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