PRAIT2018-03-13 03:26:46
PRAIT, 2018-03-13 03:26:46

1C integration via API is it possible?

Is it possible to integrate 1c with several online stores or any sites providing API access?
Essence of the task: Create accounting in one place in the enterprise trade management. So that the accounting is complete and the warehouse.
Is it possible during integration to make sure that the name of the buyer and his data that I need are immediately filled in the program?
1. Is it possible to integrate several online stores (or sites) at once
2. Accounting for my needs (Changes in the program code are being considered)

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InoMono, 2018-03-29

1C can interact with external applications (integrate with them) in about a dozen different ways.
Including it is possible and through API. Moreover, the server part of the API can be both on the 1C side and on the side of the online store. It is also possible to use different types of API.

Konstantin, 2018-03-13

All in your hands. Change, develop as you want.
Do not get hung up on a typical UT solution.
There is a large group of industry solutions that allow you to implement Buy-Sell, so to speak, an alternative to the standard one.
Well, or write your own))

stictt, 2019-05-21

1C can at least connect external DLL components, and there you can do whatever you want. So the answer is yes.

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