Digsecman2021-06-29 14:55:45
Digsecman, 2021-06-29 14:55:45

1c how to link a PostgreSQL database and 1C?

Good day!
I migrated Windows + 1c + MSSQL -> Debian + 1c + PostgreSQL
dump 1Cv8.dt from the Windows host to the Linux server and made a restore, the database status is active in postgresql
The problem is that when you start the web muzzle 1c does not see the database for some reason.
The base name in Postgres and the base name in 1C are the same.
PS I did everything through the shell, so I'll ask you for advice that can be done through the console
Thank you!

PS Server 1c and postgres are on the same server

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Fenrir89, 2021-06-29

And in the server 1c it was added/changed to postgres? And what version of 1c and postgres?

Dmitry Kinash, 2021-06-30

Several important sections were missed:
1) it is not enough to deploy the database in the DBMS, you need to make sure that the DBMS is up and running
2) only the 1C server service works with the database in the DBMS - you need to make sure that the service is correctly configured and running
3) to work with a specific database (which was restored from a backup), you must correctly register it in the settings of the 1C server cluster
4) for access through the web server to work, you must first install and configure the web server
5) for access to 1C through the web server to work, you need to install the components access
6) in order for access to a specific 1C database through a web server to work, it is necessary to register in the web server settings the processing of a specific link by the access component and specify the connection parameters on the 1C server.
IMPORTANT! The name in the DBMS, the name in the 1C server cluster and the name for the web server are three independent names that may differ. And if a proxy server (for example, nginx) looks into the world to distribute access, then a fourth name is added.

alexeygoncharov925, 2021-08-09

Have you set up PostgreSQL access?
su postgres
ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password 'your_password';
In the PostgreSQL access settings, check the settings -
postgresql.conf - set the listen_addresses = '*' parameter,
in the hba.conf settings
- local all postgres md5 (for full access, for example, at the first start you can put trust (access to all) instead of md5 (access authorized))
restart the Postgree service sudo systemctl restart postgresql.service
and check if it works... sudo systemctl status postgresql.service
also - see if the service is listening on the default port - netstat -tunpl | grep 5432

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