PNEroshevich2020-03-04 08:50:06
PNEroshevich, 2020-03-04 08:50:06

1C how to hide the window?

How to run 1C from the Windows Task Scheduler?
There is processing for data exchange, I launched it in the task scheduler via cmd, but no parameters help get rid of the annoying window.

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PNEroshevich, 2020-03-04

Solved the issue using VBScripta
In the user settings, it is necessary to uncheck "Ask for confirmation when closing"

Set v8 = CreateObject("V83.Application")
res = v8.Connect("File=PathToBase;Usr=""Username"";pwd=""Password""")
set extProc = v8.ExternalDataProcessors.Create("PathToFile",false)
extProc.SetData "firstParam", "secondParam"
set extProc = Nothing
set v8 = Nothing

res2001, 2020-03-04

The easiest way is to run cmd from a simple js/vbs script. There is an option to run tasks in a hidden window. The script is easy to google, and here it has already run through more than once as a solution to similar problems.

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