Dmitry Krapivin2017-10-20 13:55:58
Dmitry Krapivin, 2017-10-20 13:55:58

1c how to add multiple field?

I'm adding the props "basic machines" to the directory. Type of props - reference book Marks of cars. But unfortunately, in the end, the user can select only one value in this field, for example: Base vehicles: UAZ-1254.
How to make that the user can select several values ​​from the reference book in one field. Example:
Base vehicles: UAZ-1254, GAZ-51

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Dmitry Kinash, 2017-10-20

You cannot make a list of transport using the directory attribute. An attribute can have one value (we do not consider the option with a value store as not recommended by 1C methodologists).
You need to make a tabular part "Basic machines" for your reference book with the attribute "Machine" of the Reference Reference.Brands of Machines type. Further, if you want to see the data on the form as an input field, and not as a plate, then you (as Konstantin Nagibovich already suggests) you need to add an attribute with the List of Values ​​type and values ​​of the Catalog Link. Car Brand type to the form of the directory element. Further, when creating / opening a form from the tabular part, transfer it to this element. On the element itself, hang the OnChange() handler, in which you set the Modified flag. And in the form handler BeforeWrite() copy the content from your list to the tabular part.
PS You can do this faster than I typed here :)

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