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1C:Enterprise - Ways of development and prospects

I'm thinking of going into development on the 1C:Enterprise platform, I have a couple of questions:
1) Is it possible to start with 1C and gradually switch to BI, Data Mining, in general, database development?
2) I heard that 1C developers who immigrated abroad are switching to Java, is this true?
I am planning 1C as a fallback, because I live in the province. Well, I think my some SQL, RegExp and scripting skills will come in handy there.

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Evgeny, 2014-10-06

Doing 1C is worth it in any case. I can tell you with confidence that knowledge of 1C is good and it is a good job, a good income, but knowledge of other technologies is always even better, so do not think that by studying 1C you "change" other technologies, because. in my practice, very often 1C had to be "friends" with something else, so this is just the beginning.
For each task there is the most suitable tool, look for your own. For example, I use python to parse sites, download pictures and web services and then bind it to 1C via COM or SOAP. Therefore, there is where to script. Regarding the need to know accounting, for 10 years of work I have more knowledge than understanding the debit on the left, the credit on the right was not needed. Everything that is not clear in accounting should be known to the accountant. Of course, this statement is not true for technologists, but this is a separate hypostasis and a technologist does not have to be a programmer.
In general, over time, it becomes, in principle, all the same on what to write, because the tasks are almost the same. It's just that with experience you will understand what is interesting and convenient for you. At one time I really wanted to switch completely to Java, I was already preparing for certification, but its uselessness in our city made me reconsider my efforts towards a more practical Python. And even more so when you do a real task for the end customer, it usually doesn’t matter what kind of technology is there, it just has to work and not break, but for me the main thing was the speed of development and the ease of subsequent support, and in this regard, 1C and python have few competitors.
P.S. To edit something in a Java project that was going with a bunch of libs at least a year ago and already forgot what was there, it's still an adventure. It is quite another matter to correct the script in any text editor. And none of the clients have complained about the speed of python yet.
Yes, and recently I started to use FreePascal (CodeTyphon) in addition, because cross compilation of win/linux is already required and a task appeared for a mobile terminal on WinMobile, I used to use Delphi, but the environment updates twice a year and there is no support for Linux already in the liver.

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