Drawn2022-04-04 02:51:35
Drawn, 2022-04-04 02:51:35

1C Can't choose a signatory when starting a new employee?

Good afternoon!
1C Workflow Red. 2.1.
I created a new employee, put him in the same group as the rest of the participants, I want to create an "Internal Document", I choose "Letter", I choose which folder to put the document in, who prepared the letter, but I can't choose a signer, I've been digging in 1C for 3 days I can not figure out how to give the opportunity to choose the signer of the letter.

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Dmitry Kinash, 2022-04-04

In DO it is not enough to throw a user into a group. It is necessary to indicate in the card - where and by whom he works.

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