Viktor Sidorets2014-08-27 09:56:29
Viktor Sidorets, 2014-08-27 09:56:29

1C-Bitrix. Where to dig when developing an alternative component of the online store catalog?

I tried different components for displaying infoblock values, but the result is still not the same!
It is required to display a list, a product card. As far as I understand, this can be done even with the "News" component (btrix.news). Should be displayed: Title, Description, Photos, Additional photos.
All these properties are perfectly set in the infoblock settings. But, there is one thing - it is necessary that this "product" gets into the mail form. Accordingly, it would be possible to receive the selected product by mail.

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kompi, 2014-08-27

The easiest way is to customize the standard components (IMHO, the least time-consuming). You will get news.detail.

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