link08022013-12-10 15:14:23
link0802, 2013-12-10 15:14:23

1C Bitrix: Self-written module - work in different infoblocks

There is a self-written module from another developer for 1C Bitrix. Displayed in tabs when creating an element, allows you to publish various html elements based on the entered data. Everything works fine in the infoblock with ID training (and in all those nested in it). But in other infoblocks (and it is especially important to work in the infoblock with the ID food and in all its nested ones), the tabs are displayed, but when saving, all changes are canceled and not saved.
I ask for your help, I have already broken my head. Maybe I just don't notice basic things.
In order not to throw a bunch of code into the message, I am attaching an archive with a full module.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Vitaly Musin, 2014-04-24

Check the rights of the infoblock, most likely it is All users - Access denied

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