chlenochek2022-04-18 21:38:58
chlenochek, 2022-04-18 21:38:58

1C-Bitrix, I can’t edit the “detailed description”, it is not clickable, how to return the original state?

I am a layman in Bitrix, I just write articles for the site.
I was editing a text article, maybe I clicked something, the article disappeared, the "detailed description" field from its normal state:
turned into this:

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Sergey, 2022-04-19

It doesn't have to be that you did it. The admin could change the detailed description field to a property of the infoblock element. In addition, the text "Detailed description" has become bold, which means that it must be filled in, which even more looks like someone was messing with the settings. You can click on the gear and see which fields and properties are involved.

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