TechNOIR2018-09-13 10:35:46
TechNOIR, 2018-09-13 10:35:46

1C-Bitrix. How to change the generated login when logging in through a social network?

Good afternoon.
When authorizing through social networks (component socserv.auth.form), a login of the following type is generated:
Is it possible to somehow reduce the length of the login or even make it take the login from the social network?
thanks in advance

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eternalfire, 2018-09-13

to take the login from the social network - no (but you can take for example e-mail - https://vk.com/dev/permissions )
change - you can
use the event OnBeforeUserAdd
https://dev.1c-bitrix.ru/api_help/main/ events/onbe...

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