Vitaly Golovanov2017-02-27 19:07:51
Vitaly Golovanov, 2017-02-27 19:07:51

1C and ATOL input device driver (Scaner1c.dll)?

Question on 1C. More precisely, the ATOL driver for input devices (Scaner1C.dll). We use it to work with a barcode scanner. Everything is fine, but on an old machine (win 2008, users log in via RDP). We assembled a new server (win 2012 Datacenter). Everything is cool until I put this Atolov driver. Well, how ... It works, there are no complaints, but when you exit 1C, an exception flies out and you have to press "Close the program" twice. It is not fatal, but no one will launch a new server in production with such a bug. What a shame, since 2012 the standard has been working with neighbors without any complaints. Scaner1C.dll - uses Delphic components of another version 7. I blame them. But if I run 1C with admin rights, no errors occur when exiting

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Axian Ltd., 2017-02-27

Look at what specific rights the program requires and give them. You don't need to give admin.

Vitaly Golovanov, 2017-02-27

The only thing that can be there is the lack of access rights to some system folders. But I don’t believe that the average user has SO limited access to System32 / SysWow64 ... It wouldn’t start

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