Dmitry Shcherbakov2017-04-12 11:48:34
Dmitry Shcherbakov, 2017-04-12 11:48:34

1C 8.2: Trade management 11 - Exchange node with the site, how to accept a request on the site?

There is 1C 8: Trade Management 11. There is an item "Exchange node with the site." And there is also a site written in Laravel (thus there is no CMS and ready-made modules).
1. I set up a route on site.tld/1c
2. I drove it into 1C
3. I pressed the connection check, in response I received an error that the server returned an empty response.
Tell me how the PHP script should be written on the site to accept a request from 1C?
On the server is: nginx

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Sergey Malovichko, 2017-04-12

Food: v8.1c.ru/overview/Term_000000581.htm

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