zeleniy872011-07-11 18:16:44
zeleniy87, 2011-07-11 18:16:44

1394 to http

Good afternoon, I'm asking for help ...
There was a need to relay the video to the site.
1. Source: A computer running Windows XP, a program is running on it that plays files in a playlist and outputs video through a 3-channel 1394 controller, from there it goes to the 1394-Composite converter and to the TV.
2. Receiver: Server on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, inside the same 3-channel 1394 controller.
Question: Is it possible to connect these two computers with a 1394 wire and set up broadcasting in http via vlc (it is possible to do something else)? You can consider the option without a server on linux'e. Well, or advise your option. Thanks

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Kindman, 2011-07-15

It's easier to abandon 1394 altogether and replace "a program that plays files in a playlist" with "a program that broadcasts a video stream to the network."
And, it is still not entirely clear why you need http, which is not at all suitable for relaying. In the best case, through http, you can organize the download of video files to and from the site.

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