twentytvvo2021-08-19 22:50:45
twentytvvo, 2021-08-19 22:50:45

13 GB Backup file, is it worth trying to upload it?

I need to update Wordpress on a fat online store with 3000 ~ products, the problem is that I made a backup and it weighs 13 GB, I have never tried to restore such a backup.
The question is for you who has experienced this or knows a little about it. Is it worth updating the VP and will it be possible to restore the site from such a backup?
The site server is very average, the hosting is cheap, the WP All in One Migration backup plugin (the server went to bed from other plugins), the client will not change the server and I cannot explain to him why.

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Sergey Arsentiev, 2021-08-20

I would make a backup NOT with a plug-in, but manually:
1) a separate database (it will not weigh much, a maximum of 20-50 MB for such a store, it's better to gzip it right away - it will come out even less, usually up to 10 MB).
2) would archive the files separately - and at the same time make sure that some old archives or unnecessary folders do not get into the new one.
The store pulls pictures the most, but even for 3000 products 13 GB is a bit much, if you take an average of 300 KB per image and 5 images per product, then = 3000 * 5 * 300/1024/1024 = about 4 GB.
Well, the system will throw another 1 GB over the eyes, a total of 5 GB
Apparently some kind of garbage got there, or pictures were uploaded that were not optimized, or many image formats are automatically created in wp, or some kind of garbage is captured.
Therefore, I would also archive the files manually and see what draws the most there.
If, after all, pictures, and you can’t optimize them and remove unnecessary ones, then you just wouldn’t backup them, what’s the point ... backup is important for program files, a template and a database in order to quickly roll back if something went wrong. Images can be left aside.
In this case, you will get a 10 MB database + system and a 300-500 MB template.
And update.

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