legion882017-02-08 18:33:51
legion88, 2017-02-08 18:33:51

13.3" Macbook Pro 2016 - who switched?

I want to take for programming and daily tasks. I need mobility, I always carry a laptop with me. At the moment, I use Windows - diagonal 15.6. It's already burning terribly, given that I constantly take care of the laptop. I want to say bye-bye Windows. Actually there are questions:
1) Do you have enough 13 inches?
2) Touch bar or is it show-off?
3) How is the performance?
4) Adapters do not strain? :))

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Maxim, 2017-03-29

1. I moved from a 14'' laptop with Linux Mint (xfce), I didn't feel any difference in the diagonal, it's quite comfortable, considering the bright saturated screen.
2. In the store, I first felt the Touch Bar, it seemed not convenient, I took it without it, I did not regret it. It turned out that on macOS, the F1-F12 buttons are not used (F5 no longer refreshes pages in chrome, F12 does not open the debugger, F4 does not search in Sublime Text, even if you explicitly set the hotkey). And on them, by default, controls the backlight, volume, etc. hang. And the functionality itself is hung up on other buttons, I got used to it quickly.
3. Excellent, (Sublime Text, Chrome with a bunch of tabs, 6 docker containers at the same time), grunt collects statics in 2 minutes (on a desktop with 3.3GHz and a regular HDD it took 3 minutes, on an old 1.6GHz laptop - 8 minutes). The performance here is clearly due to the fast SSD (1400/1200 MB/s - R/W). Cooling turns on rarely and it is not audible.
4. No, I almost never use it. In fact, one adapter is needed: to a regular USB 3.0, the rest is individual (monitors, card readers - they can be bought without any problems). I personally also need rj45 (where there is bad WiFi). Also in the store I saw a charging cord with magnets, such as MagSafe. For the sake of the safety of the laptop, you can buy it in addition.

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