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11th grade: what strategy to choose?

Grade 11 is just around the corner, I'm starting to think about what to do next, what plan of events to choose.
Briefly about myself: I have been programming for more than a year, I know C ++ at a basic level and Java is good, everything is fine with algebra, not very rosy with geometry, I participated in programming competitions several times, where I was consistently a little above the middle of the list, but I don’t have a clear understanding of the main algorithms for Olympiads (and because of this, my decisions are often correct, but slow).
The question is: what would you do in my place, based on your experience (maybe someone had a similar situation with mine)?
What I see from the options:
1. Do not pay special attention to the Olympiads, do your own projects (android), at the same time learn what is useful in real work, while calmly preparing for the Unified State Examination and enrolling (most likely) in a local university (if possible, then in the future) -top of other cities, there is such a desire).
2. Allocate most of the time already for the Olympiads, while not engaging in android development and devoting less time to the Unified State Exam (relative to the first point) - there is time for this for about 3 months + already during the academic year to pay due attention (selections begin in October, closer by the end of winter already face-to-face stages). Why is this? - admission to one of the best universities in Russia. But, there is also a risk! The risk in March to understand that the Olympiads didn’t work out, and I’m not as well prepared for the Unified State Examination as I could ... In this case, the chance to get into pre-top universities becomes even lower.
Thanks for the advice and help!

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Saboteur, 2018-07-18

Get ready for the EGE, in parallel try to do your projects. The Olympics are far from being so important in life, especially since you already have experience.
Get into a good university and look for an internship with real work.

Satangelus, 2018-07-18

Alternatively, you can enroll in a local university, simultaneously doing indie development or freelancing on android. The proceeds will be invested in top online courses, such as coursera courses. Upon passing which certificates are issued, and upon passing a certain number, you can get a diploma.
As a result, after graduating from a local university, you will have the main diploma of a local university, a pack of certificates of completion of cool courses, one or two foreign bachelor's degrees and a portfolio on Google Play that brings money every month.

Griboks, 2018-07-18

I would choose starcraft 2. It recently went free.
But seriously, it’s better to score at the Olympics right away. Learning what is required for work is also not worth it.
Focus on your projects and prepare for your exams.

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