0xC0CAC01A2021-10-27 22:46:15
Payment cards
0xC0CAC01A, 2021-10-27 22:46:15

10minutes... Zero Balance Credit Card?

To prevent spammers from getting them later, there are temporary email services 10minutesMail, etc., for registering in dubious places. There are similar ones for receiving SMS.

Are there similar services that provide temporary credit card numbers? Zero balance, of course. And then all sorts of businesses like "it's free, just enter a credit card number, we won't debit (although we'll try to suck something out of there)"

EDIT: Yes, I forgot to say ... without registrations, names and bindings to a bank -client, because there is no need for spammers to know my name and billing address.

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Ronald McDonald, 2021-10-27

Yandex has a virtual map service.
And you can do it in any client bank, I started one, I throw money only when I plan to pay for something.

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