Norent2020-02-14 03:10:26
Norent, 2020-02-14 03:10:26

100% loading of the hard drive, processor. what is the problem?

The other day I picked up avast, in order to completely remove it, I had to download their utility (aswClear) and delete the folder in the registry. After that, a strange thing began to happen, the system began to waste 100% of resources on everything. For example, if I open a new page in the browser, the CPU and hard drive usage can jump up to 50-100% for 1-2 seconds. The system does not freeze, nothing crashes, it's just an overload in jumps. I did a disk defragmentation at the beginning (I thought that the problem was in it), then I demolished the Windows, it did not help.
Is there a way to fix this or limit resource consumption?

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Radjah, 2020-02-14

Look at the system logs for entries from the "disk" source. If there are messages about retrying the exchange operation or errors, then there may be a problem with the disk. If at the same time the disk is loaded into the shelf, and the read / write speed is about zero or 1-2 MB / s and everything freezes, then it’s definitely a plug from the IO side.
Cleaning the disk contacts usually helps. It is necessary to unscrew the board and clean the contacts of the heads on it with an eraser.

Stalker_RED, 2020-02-14

Check the health of the disk, maybe Avast is not the cause, but just a coincidence.
It will launch the resource monitor and see what exactly is loading at the time of these peaks.

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